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Madeline Farlow

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Client testimonials

Madeline has the ability to see the potential in a piece of writing, not just what it is, but what it could be. Her editing is thorough and professional. She respects the author’s opinion but also challenges the author to become a better writer. I highly recommend!
— Hudson Bartholomew Lin
As an independent author, the concept of getting an editor is scary. You start out worrying about the cost and whether the editors you find are trustworthy, because trusting someone with your money and hard work is a gamble. When you decide on someone and get to the editing, you then have to deal with their criticism of your work, which can feel quite personal if you’ve got the wrong editor.

Maddie made this whole process easier for me, and I feel lucky to have found her.

When a friend recommended her to me, I was at the point with my novel where I was tempted to scrap it and move on. I’d been looking at the same words for too long, and they all seemed hopelessly awkward and horrible.

Maddie held my hand through the process, and didn’t complain when I was clingy and worried about every aspect of my work. She found the obvious things like typos and errors, but she also improved my work in other important ways. She found places where I had known something was wrong, but couldn’t figure out how to fix the problem, and she gave me ideas on what to do. She helped me correct continuity errors, weak characterization, and even a few points where my characterization seemed to contradict itself.

By the time we were done with it, I was much more confident about my manuscript, and ready to put it out for the criticism of the general public. Having a good editor was incredibly important to me, and improved my confidence in my own work a hundredfold.

In fact, I kind of want to ask her to edit this for me before she uses it as a testimonial for her site . . .
— Sam Burns
Based on my own experience I can’t honestly say enough good things about Maddie Farlow. Her
consummate professionalism made the whole knee quaking editing experience far less terrifying than it could have been for this first-time author. Her commitment to my book, clear concise edits and availability went above and beyond anything I had expected while her attention to the tiniest of details caught several continuity errors and misplaced references to events that hadn’t happened yet. I don’t think you can find a more competent, dedicated or reliable editor anywhere, even sending my project back to me ahead of schedule.

I’ve already booked her for my next book.
— Hilary Latimer
Maddie is a fantastic editor who really cares about bringing out the best in your writing. She is extremely competent, and capable of working in British English, as well as US to a high standard. I would recommend her to anyone in need of an editor.
— Riza Curtis


As a collaborative writer and editor, it's my goal to preserve your voice while polishing your manuscript for marketability.

In 2016, I completed an internship with a small, independent publisher. That experience fostered in me a desire to work with writers of any genre who are passionate about their creative process. 



Internship with Eno Publishers

Graduated summa cum laude with Full University Honors from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

B.A. in History & B.A. in Religious Studies