Editorial Services Tailored to Your Manuscript

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. I require a 50% deposit on all editorial services prior to beginning work. If you contract in advance of completing your manuscript, this reserves your editing dates in my calendar. If you wait until you have a completed manuscript, you'll have the first available spot. 

How will i be billed?

I will send your invoices to you via PayPal.

how do i format my manuscript?

12 pt., Times New Roman, double-spaced without any extra space between paragraphs, 1" margins in ".doc" or ".docx." I will bill you per page in this format, and annotate your manuscript within the file. If I send you a critique in addition to your annotations, that will be returned to you in as a PDF.

Do you offer discounts?


  • You'll get 20% off for multiple services applied to one manuscript. For example, if you hire me to line edit your manuscript in its second draft, and then would like to hire me to copyedit the same manuscript in its final draft, you'll get 20% off your copyedit. 
  • I offer a 5% discount on sequels after I've edited one manuscript in your series.
  • I also offer a 10% discount for referrals. If you refer a friend to me, and they contract me to edit a full manuscript of at least 150 pages, you'll get a 10% discount on your next manuscript. Referral discounts stack, so if you refer ten friends who all contract me, you'll get your next manuscript edited for free.

do you have a length or genre requirement?

I am happy to edit short stories, essays, and blog posts of any length, as well as full, novel-length manuscripts in any genre. 

do you provide sample edits?

Yes. I will provide free sample edits of your manuscript up to 1,500 words for any service. However, I will suggest another service if I think that it will be more beneficial to your manuscript. This is particularly relevant to copyediting services. There's little use copyediting a manuscript that needs substantial rewrites, but we'll work together to figure out the best path for you and your manuscript. 

Do i have to sign a contract?

Yes. I have a simple, standard, one-page contract. It'll keep our expectations of each other clear, and it's painless. Promise!

What style guide do you use?

I use the Chicago Manual of Style and the Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary for American English fiction, unless otherwise requested.

Can you format the interior of my book? 

Yes! I can format your interior for mobi, epub, and print copies.


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