Editorial Services Tailored to Your Manuscript


I offer three levels of editing to my clients—copyediting, line editing, and full developmental editing. Typically, editing is done via Microsoft Word with "track changes" enabled so that an author may accept or deny any suggestions I've made. I can provide hardcopy edits if preferred, but will require the client to pay for printing and shipping costs. For any service, I will provide a complimentary editing sample of 1,500 words of your manuscript.

Ask about discounts for series, or purchasing multiple services.


$0.01 per word*

A technical edit. Copyediting will correct for improper usage of typographical, syntax, and usage errors, as well as ensure a consistent style and format, with only minimal content suggestions. Think of this as heavy proofreading.

This is most useful when you're in the final stages of rewriting your manuscript. 

For copyediting, I will request a 1,500 word sample of your manuscript. I may suggest a line edit if it is clear that your manuscript requires more content refinement.


$0.015 per word*

A content edit. While line editing, I will read for consistency of style and tone, clarity, and factual errors while providing suggestions to bring out the best in your own narrative voice. Expect heavy annotations in your manuscript, short sentence rewrites, and a separate critique addressing larger thematic issues in your manuscript.

This is most useful after your second draft, when you've polished your writing and need professional insight into the marketability of your work.

I will proofread your manuscript, and correct any technical errors I find, but the focus of this editing style is on creative content, language use, and writing style at the paragraph level. 


$0.02 per word*

Manuscript development. I will work with you from any stage in your writing to produce your own manuscript. Expect heavy rewrites, paragraph and chapter adjustments, and coaching. This is a "big picture" edit with a focus on overall content, consistency of tone, narrative arc, and character development—a "first draft" edit.

This is most useful when you are in the early stages of writing, and need someone to help you clarify your thoughts, tighten your plot, and strengthen your characterization. 

Pricing may be subject to an hourly rate if you contract me before completion of your first draft.

*Pricing subject to change based on desired timeframe.


Interior Formatting

I am happy to offer interior formatting in all formats to interested clients.

Contact for pricing info.